Compare Brokers

Compare Brokers

Questions to ask:


Agent X

Agent Y

Are you a “Full-Time” Real Estate Broker? Yes    
Have you been a full time Real Estate Broker for 30 years or more? Yes    
May I see Your “Resume” and “List of Qualifications” as a Buyer’s Agent? Yes    
Do you have a written “Offer of Buyer Services” I can review? Yes    
Do you have a written explanation of the entire Home Buying process? Yes    
Are you nationally “Accredited Buyer’s Representative”? (ABR) Yes    
Are you a graduate of the Realtor Institute? (GRI) Yes    
Are you a Nationally recognized & Certified Residential Specialist? (CRS) Yes    
Are you State Certified to supervise agents and instruct other Brokers? Yes    
May I see all the paperwork that I’ll need to sign? Yes    
Will you provide me up-to-date activity logs on our progress? Yes    
Will you present our offers personally to the Seller for us? Yes    
Will you personally handle all the negotiations for us? Yes    
Do you have a website where we can see your qualifications & services? Yes    
Do you have an assistant to make sure everything goes smoothly? Yes    
Do you provide multiple bonuses and incentives for our benefit? Yes